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European Data Incubator

IN2 has been selected for the European Data Incubator (EDI) programme, as one of the brightest Big Data startups in Europe. EDI gives the most innovative companies the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges set by corporates across Europe.

After pitching to a jury of technical experts, business experts and investors, we were chosen as one of the top 18 startups and SMEs from a pool of 208. We are going to solve the challenge set by VRT: Automatic Chaptering of Video Content. Our approach is to use AI algorithms in order to extract features from the different modalities of the audiovisual material and use big data for learning a temporal structural model to represent a specific broadcasting format, starting with news bulletins. In this way, IN2’s proposed solution will automatically and accurately extract topics using features from both image, video and audio information and thus make it possible for broadcasters that produce large amounts of content to make it easily retrievable both by their audience and editing teams.

MIXTAPE - The Podcast Search Engine

Podcasts have seen in the recent years a steady increase in numbers, both in terms of listeners and content providers. Apple reported in 2018 over 550,000 active podcast channels, with over 18.5 million episodes in over 100 languages worldwide. With so many resources available, finding the podcast episodes to listen to is one of the main issues that listeners face. The problem is that podcasts are generally organised in lists and catalogues for listeners to subscribe to, or they are sorted based on popularity. In MIXTAPE we aim to improve the way podcasts are searched by allowing listeners to find content based on topics of interest. For the first time it will be possible to find individual podcast episodes based on your preferences and precise interests. To enable this we will be using speech processing and natural language understanding adding these key components to our existing content management platform.

CAP-A / Digital privacy in mobile apps

CAP-A is a project belonging to the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative and aims to deploy a socio-technical solution based on collective awareness in order to improve the way digital privacy is treated by digital applications and services. The project will deliver a global repository of consumer- and developer-generated content about the privacy behaviour of digital products, along with tools that will help consumers understand the Terms of Service and their implications via crowdsourced approaches and visual cues.


MARCONI - Multimedia and Augmented Radio Creation: Online, iNteractive, Individual

MARCONI brings radio experiences to the next level, enabling fully interactive and personalised radio solutions and integrating broadcast radio with digital and social media.

With MARCONI, consumers will be able to interact with “live” radio through their preferred communication channel in ways that are richer than is feasible today, so that they feel more connected to the radio brand and better served in an individual way. Radio-makers on the other hand, will be given an integrated view on audience interactions and will be supported by interaction automation services. The net outcome will be enhanced audience engagement.


TRUSTY - Trusted Social-Powered Multimedia Hubs

In the framework of EIT Digital, a Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, we are turning MyMeedia, our SaaS product to build engaging social-powered multimedia hubs with just a few clicks, into a secure and trusted cloud service. In the Digital Infrastructure Action Line and in collaboration with F-Secure we are building upon the F-Secure APIs to scan a) links from social media posts and web feeds and b) files that users upload. Our aim here is twofold: a) to build a trusted environment for both clients and users of MyMeedia by preventing malware links from getting into the platform, and b) keep the platform itself virus free by scanning files that users upload.


Fed4FIRE - Federation for FIRE

We run the DOCK experiment on the Fed4FIRE Future Internet facilities where we aim to improve responsiveness and user experience by being able to scale on demand application instances. In this project we will assess how new deployment set-ups based on Docker containers, new load-balancing mechanisms and on-demand allocation of resources can deliver advantages over VM-based configurations.



On the BonFIRE multi-cloud we conducted an experiment which aimed to assess from both a technical and business perspective the feasibility of deploying software services for the creative industries on the cloud. As such, we took advantage of the multi-site cloud-based FIRE facility of BonFIRE in order to deploy, scale, validate and fine-tune our distributed multimedia management and publishing platform.

MediaPlace - Geospatial Information based Media Retrieval

Together with Smart Environment Research Group at University Ulster we investigate the use of semantic technologies to enrich media with geospatial metadata across various data sources and facilitate media retrieval and reuse. Specifically the project creates high-level semantic models for media annotation, and develops methods to organise, query and visualise the semantically enriched media. The project is supported by the Department of Education and Learning in Co-operative Awards in Science and Technology.

IM3I+ pushing multimedia research into practice

IM3I+ demonstrated and implemented showcases built upon a flexible framework for importing, analysing, annotating, searching and publishing multimedia documents and collections. This framework became largely IN2's core platform and the project resulted to the offering of the MyMeedia service.

EUTV - Adaptive Channels in Europe

Main results of EUTV include processing of multimedia streams, RSS, topic detection and tracking, tools for speech recognition and image and video content analysis. These results extended our platform and have been integrated into our MyMeedia service offering. IN2 has conceived this project and was the scientific and technical manager of the project.

IM3I - Immersive Multimedia Interfaces

IN2 was the technical and scientific manager in this project. The project builds the foundation for our platform and delivered an open architecture with integrated services and advanced solutions for experiencing, searching and accessing creative audio-visual content. It focused on enabling intuitive media production and supporting creative industries in delivering new forms of interactive, immersive and very high quality media.

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