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NewsArcade - Seriously Play the News 🔗

Media companies providing news content in different formats are challenged like never before: they need to reaffirm their usefulness within democratic societies, by strengthening the bond with their audience and even creating new connections with parts of the population that have become distant. Media companies can no longer just present themselves as authorities on what is right or wrong, what is decent or absurd. Their audiences demand to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, media companies need to prove themselves useful and this can only happen if they can explain to the public why.

NewsCraft tackles these challenges by bringing together journalism and news consumption closely by means of gamification as an educational approach to improve young adults' news literacy, and critical thinking skills and thus, tackle disinformation and the challenges faced by media companies. It will created a new gamified news story format in the market that is based on real, evolving news and provides a way for media companies, it is a way to innovate and explore new ways of delivering news.

IN2 is responsible for the technical management of the project, leads the development activities and creates the authoring tool for the NewsArcade gamified news format.

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This project has received financial support by Creative Europe under Grant agreement No. 101060250.

GENTLY - Games for Energy Efficiency Youth Literacy 🔗

GENTLY is coordinated by IN2 Digital Innovations and brings together experts from 6 other European countries (Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Spain) with the to offer added value, reclaim international cooperation, and deploy digital tools for informing and educating the youth in a non-formal playful and joyful way on energy efficiency and green deal practices.

The project's main scope is to create an innovative package of games, both board and online, of two levels (easy and professional), and to provide game-based learning to as many as possible young people, youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities. GENTLY's objectives are:

  • To conduct research analysis investigating climate change facts and green deal actions, scoping to energy efficiency maximization and green deal
  • To design, test, and publish an innovative training game package on energy efficiency issues for youth workers, young people and youths with fewer opportunities
  • To deliver training courses related to energy efficiency issues for youth workers
  • To involve companies in professional games by indicating actions for environmental protection

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