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CultureMoves is a user-oriented project that aims to develop a series of digital tools that will enable new forms of touristic engagement and educational resources by leveraging the re-use of Europeana content. The project stands on 3 pillars: technology for content re-use adaptation and sharing, real-life use cases for tourism and education, intangible cultural heritage and more specifically dance.


Europeana Space - Spaces of possibility for the creative re-use of digital cultural content

We are the main developer of DanceSpaces in the Europeana Dance Pilot. This pilot aims to create a general framework for working with dance content and the metadata accessible through Europeana and doing so, enable the production innovative models of content re-use. DanceSpaces focuses on the needs of the general public, dance enthusiasts and pre-professionals, dance audiences, viewers and tourists who want to share and explore content about a particular dance aspect.


RePlay - Digitally capturing unique skills in European traditional sports and games

The RePlay project develops a technology platform to provide access and interpretation of digital content for Traditional Sports and Games (TSG). It enables so multiple modes of training, coaching and knowledge sharing that will contribute to the increased participation and preservation of traditional sport in the future. IN2 works in the area of Interact and Preserve where we explore how sports museums can take advantage of their digital content and engage with museum visitors.


MAXICULTURE - Maximising the Impact of Cultural Research projects

MAXICULTURE measured the socio-economic impact of digital cultural heritage projects funded by the European Commission. We contributed to this activity with domain knowledge about the technologies involved assessing the technological impact and with developing a Community of Practice to make project results more widely known, scan their latest news and filter and search through their activities and public documents.


GAMA - Gateway to Archives of Media Art

GAMA, is the first portal that provided access to a wealth of information about the works of both well-known and emerging media artists from European collections of media art. The media art content originates from 8 European media art archives and can be searched and browsed on this navigation platform. The portal networks different databases housing textual and visual information on more than 10,000 works. IN2 had a leading role in the project running the day-to-day management.

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