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SERRATE - SustainablE RuRAl Tourism Engine 🔗

IN2 has been selected to participate in the the REACH, the “EuRopEAn incubator for trusted and secure data value Chains”. REACH supports experimentations on secure and trusted data value chains across several sectors and launching of new data-fuelled products and services to the market.

IN2 entered the incubation process with SERRATE, a solution to help drive the flow of tourists to less visited sites or locations (especially in the rural areas just outside the very popular destinations). Integrating data from different sources and sectors, SERRATE will enable an automated workflow: collect social media posts about a region, extract data features from these, match posts with an extendable knowledge base of stories, and reply on the same medium with highlighted stories that match the interest of the user. Manual human intervention will also be facilitated so that social media managers can control and tune the user/tourist experience.

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This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under REACH Incubator (Grant Agreement no. 951981).

CultureMoves 🔗

CultureMoves is a user-oriented project that aims to develop a series of digital tools that will enable new forms of touristic engagement and educational resources by leveraging the re-use of Europeana content. The project stands on 3 pillars: technology for content re-use adaptation and sharing, real-life use cases for tourism and education, intangible cultural heritage and more specifically dance.


EMMA - Content Management and Storytelling for the Social World 🔗

The new EMMA innovation platform, partially funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, creates new opportunities to redefine interactive storytelling and content marketing to better connect and engage with audiences through more compelling content and experiences. The EMMA platform allows touristic destinations and event organisers in Europe to seize the opportunities offered by the latest solutions in ICT content technologies, social media and information management.

IN2 coordinates the EMMA project and works closely with Fondazione Sistema Toscana, who are managing the online tourism area for the popular region of Tuscany, and with the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the biggest trade fair of the international publishing industry.


EXPERIMEDIA - EXPERiments in live social and networked MEDIA experiences 🔗

We deployed the Digital Schladming hyperlocal service to manage, disseminate and promote information to visitors on what is happening now around Schladming. We were inspired by the concept of "Here and Now" and aggregated in real time textual content, social media, blogs videos and images into a responsive web-based application making it accessible in virtually all user devices.

Hyperlocal media 🔗

For Edinburgh and specifically the postcode EH1, we developed a hyperlocal media platform on the basis of FollowThePlace, identified services which require access to multimedia content, assessed how visitors and residents use these services for example choosing restaurants and foods, reporting council services and visiting cultural and city attractions. This project was supported by InnovateUK.

ImaGeo - Travelling with your 6th sense 🔗

ImaGeo implemented efficient example-based visual similarity search combined with location data to retrieve instant information for every object or scene captured with a camera. It provided so new browsing experiences for photo collections that can then be linked along their geo-temporal dimensions. The project formed the basis for our FollowThePlace service. IN2 has conceived this project and was its scientific and technical manager.

SemLib - Semantic Tools for Digital Libraries 🔗

This project developed semantic annotation and recommendation components which have been integrated and made available in FollowThePlace. It was funded by the European Commission's Research for SMEs Programme. The semantic annotation forms the base of Pundit and is available on GitHub. The semantic recommender was built as a generic system to support content-based recommendations and collaborative filtering.

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