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Our milestones along the way

We start the company (in]2 intelligent indexing, as a spin-off from the Centre for Computing Technologies of the University Bremen, with technology and tools for multimedia management and analysis that we have been developing there since 1995.

Combining location and positioning data with our multimedia content analysis, we develop accessible indoor and outdoor navigation together with on-the-spot information on wearable computers. We move in the UK and establish IN2 search interfaces development Ltd to serve our international clients in Europe.

We launch GAMA, the first online portal of major media art archives in Europe and open up media art collections to the interested public, curators, artists, researchers and art distributors.

Using location data and our visual similarity search we develop for Siena, Italy an interactive tourist guide to augment the user experience and connect visitors with local attractions.

For the Frankfurt/Main Airport, we build an indoor localisation system and a web-based tool to annotate floor plans with points of interest for guiding low-sighted persons inside airports, train stations, large malls or public buildings.

We launch MyMeedia our own flexible web-based platform for managing and publishing photos, videos, documents and audio files.

We extend our content management and publishing platform with features for XML/RSS feed ingestion and customise it as an application for Schladming, Austria as a digital pinboard for tourists and visitors to get information on what is going on in the region and what local business offer.

On top of our MyMeedia platform we release a Software as a Service for Brands, Events, Destinations and Campaigns to mix and master multimedia content in one place.

We supercharge MyMeedia with features to manage multimedia collections, create stories and share best moments. Added content recommendations, powerful search and filtering capabilities as well a tons of other improvements.

We turn MyMeedia into a trusted and secure platform integrating with F-Secure's APIs for detecting malicious links and files. Additionally, we rethink geo-based visualisations of photo streams and develop CityPulse, a new innovative way to browse photos on maps.

We start the EMMA project to help event organisers and destination marketers engage better with their audiences and to tell better and more engaging stories. We establish IN2 Digital Innovations GmbH to better serve our German-speaking customers.

We release Havealook, a visual way to co-share media and files with friends, clients and collaborators and Metablog, the web's only search engine of blog posts. We started to pilot new solutions for interactive radio with broadcasters NPO and VRT within the framework of the MARCONI project.

We launch Tellit, a service to harness the power of social media and your own content to tell your stories in real-time as they happen. We created for READ-IT a crowdsourcing application for researchers investigating reading experiences.

The year started by extending Tellit with an offer for museums and artists based on the outcomes of CultureMoves. We also worked on democratising access to podcasts (Mixtape) and building an app to help raise awareness about data privacy in mobile applications (CAP-A). We ended the year in full swing by joining the European Data Incubator where we work on automating video chaptering and annotations.

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