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Outdoor Against Cancer 🔗

We have designed and developed the Outdoor Against Cancer website as a digital experience that allows visitors to read in real-time about the ongoing organisation activities and book hiking and training offers integrated in a shop and payment system. As part of the website we have realised two very special sections: an online video-based training offering in 5 languages and the OAC-Training an integrated further education course.

The provided video-based training is fully managed, hosted and operated from our own cloud computing infrastructure and includes a range of videos that are structured in topics. Videos can be freely accessed and downloaded for offline use by the participants, allowing them to exercise also when internet connectivity is low. The further education course comprises the application procedure to take part in the course and 4 dedicated modules, each with a diverse set of learning materials: documents, presentations, videos, interviews. Each module ends with an online examination and the final one with issuing a certificate. The Bavarian Medical Association has certified this course and is giving 60 credit points to the participating physicians for a successful completion.

The OAC website is using our Tellit solution as a headless CMS and is built on top of a dedicated content hub taking advantage of the state-of-the-art functionalities for hosting, managing and streaming of video content.

Crowdsourcing for READ-IT 🔗

READ-IT is an interdisciplinary project that investigates the evidence about reading in Europe from the 18th century until today. In collaboration with social scientists and researchers from the digital humanities we developed innovative crowdsourcing applications for gathering information on reading experiences.

The crowdsourcing application follows a task-based approach using questions and answers where researchers decide which questions to post in each crowdsourcing campaign. Campaigns can run in parallel for many target groups demographics and as long as it is required to gather the desired amount of data. The crowdsourced data can be a text entries, documents, photos and even videos that users submit as part of their answers. We have developed a number of multi-language user-interfaces for the crowdsourcing campaigns including one re-assembling a physical postcard.

Hyper360 Community of Practice 🔗

For the Hyper360 project we have built a Community of Practice (CoP) as a dynamic social media content hub that presents and promotes the results of European-funded immersive media research and innovation actions.

The Community of Practice allows to search for specific research topics, actions and stakeholders and explore the activities that they have published. It aggregates content from many social media channels together with RSS feeds from immersive media project websites. It allows in this way to learn about what other projects are doing, cross-fertilise ideas and create synergies among them, find stakeholders to test, pilot and deploy solutions and team-up with like-minded professionals and organisations. The CoP is built as a dedicated content hub on our Tellit solution and takes advantage of all the intelligent indexing and smart search and faceting facilities Tellit provides.

OAC: mygoal - Move yourself, go out and live 🔗

We have created for the Technical University of Munich and the Erasmus+ project OAC: mygoal a digital experience that aggregates project-related real-time social media in form of an integrated news feed in an engaging format and allows to reach out the target groups and create awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity for cancer patients.

As part of this work, we have developed a multi-language website to manage all types of content (documents, videos) that the project is producing and provide the required online video-based training sessions. Furthermore, we created a flexible survey module to allow the project to create private online surveys and get feedback about the quality of life and health status of cancer patients. The website is using our Tellit solution as a headless CMS and is built on top of a dedicated content hub with all the advanced functionalities that are required to host and stream live content.

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